Hi☺, I’m Keren Bassous Gasiglia, at the age of nine years young I began baking .
I have been inspired by my Mother Esther and Aunt Lily.
My family enjoyed my creations and always encouraged me. Perhaps my curiosity and roots of varied ethnic traditions and culinary delicacies brought me to travel around the world.
I have worked as a chef for elite yachting clientele around the world, and studied in Italy, France, Spain, California, New Zealand, Israel, Thailand and India.
When my daughter was a baby, I looked for healthy, fresh, neutrinos snacks; I couldn’t find the products that combined a good texture and good ingredients. So, I went to the kitchen and started inventing them myself!
All this led to the creation of healthy, VEGAN, gourmet line of cookies, crackers and energy bars child friendly and for the entire family☺.
I’m am excited to share my knowledge and culinary passion with you.

Sailing around world

I always wanted to work around the globe and meet interesting people, and that dream is fulfilled as I cater to an elite yachting clientele. The gourmet foods I prepare are as exotic as my global journeys. I source and use only the finest local ingredients or import from exotic locations via overnight express, to create menus as unique as my clients. For more than a decade, my creations have been tantalizing ‘the rich and famous’, including: actors, celebrities, musicians, politicians, and European Royalty. I have studied and worked around the world, in Italy, France, Spain, California, New Zealand, Israel, Thailand and India.


Each one of us has needs as far as what our bodies like and thrive on. My quest for healthy foods began with my own medical issues and resulted in the ability to help others create their own healthy kitchen. For a number of years, I was experiencing serious digestive problems and the doctors were unable to help with traditional medicines and procedures. I began extensive research of health, nutrition, bio foods and various diets and started replacing standard ingredients with a variety of healthy alternatives. After a few months, I felt better, lost weight and had much more energy. Adding more whole grains, fruits & vegetables, avoiding additives and eating seasonally has made all the difference. As a Charter Chef on yachts, I began altering traditional recipes and soon the crew and guests began noticing positive results– feeling energetic, lighter and happier. I firmly believe ‘you are what you eat’!

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