Bio Roya :
When nature meets flavors!
Bio Roya:
You can have them both healthy and delicious
Bio Roya :
When nature blends with flavors
Bio Roya :
Is a good, healthy heart boost
Bio Roya :
Give your body what is needs
Give your soul what it is craving


Hand Made

Lactose free

Without coloring

100% olive oil


Hand Made

Lactose free

Without coloring

100% olive oil

Bio Roya is artisan biscuit , healthy heart boost (ECOCERT EU organic certification) Based in Breil Sur Roya, Situated at the gateway of the Mercantour National Park. Our specialty is using 100% organic olive oil in our snacks and food as well as Engrain and buckwheat flours with contents high nutritional value.

My choices

Why I chose
« olive oil »?

By using olive oil in my baking, it cuts down on “bad” cholesterol and saturated fat. It’s considered a “good” fat, unlike butter. It also adds extra antioxidants (natural chemicals that help protect our cells) and vitamin E. Giving Bio Roya goods a heart-healthy boost.”

Why I chose
« Einkorn flour »?

The Einkorn also known as caviar of cereals, contains more protein than any other cereal without having ever been genetically modified. It is suitable for people sensitive to gluten

Why I chose
«buckwheat flour »?

buckwheat is a seed with great nutritional qualities, source of vegetable protein. It is totally gluten-free, and its cultivation has a low environmental impact. It has also been shown to provide health benefits due to its high amounts of minerals and various antioxidants, including improved blood sugar control.



"I got a big box with all bioroya products. I left it in a basket on my kitchen counter thinking I will eat it over a long time. Before I know it disappeared into my belly and my friend who come to visit. As much of organic food we have here in California we do not have A yummy healthy crackers and cookies like these are. I wish you will extend your market to all over the worked. We need more awareness in the food industry."

Adva Mey
San Francisco

I just wanted to say a big thank you again for the special order and for coming to deliver. I really do appreciate your help and work enormously! The biscuits are delicious and on this very restrictive diet are such a treat!

Johanna Rossi

The idea of buying « homemade » cookies in the shop is brilliant

Madame Tatania
Monte Carlo

Your products are very tasty and unlike any other cookies or crackers found on the market due to their healthy (bio) and nutritious quality

Laure Geoffory

Bio Roya products have all the qualities: healthy and gourmet foods that will delight young and old!

Thomas Da Sliva

I feel very comfortable offering mu child snacks

Madame Moehan

Ideal for small appetites, the crackers / cookies of Bio Roya bring you delicacy without worrying about the origin or the composition of the ingredients. Because in Bio Roya, everything is natural and organic without chemical or additives! So good!!

Claire Onofri
La Muraz

Bio Roya products are the tastiest, fresh, and healthy I've ever bought.

Fiona Grey
Palma de Mallorca

Our Shop

Visit us in our shop and creative section of homemade products, dairy free and based on olive oil.
BioRoya offers healthy, organic and tasty menu (vegetarian / vegan) delicately spiced with Asian, Italian and French flavors.
You will also find smoothies, fresh fruit juice, muffins and excellent coffee. We also offer take away in eco-friendly packaging.

Our parents


7/9 Rue Terrazzani


24 Avenue Marcel Journet

Carrefour Bio

6 Avenue Thiers

How Bio Roya was born?

“I searched the whole Cote d’Azur for healthy treats for my child – tasty cookies and sweets with high nutritional value. I couldn’t find them, so I baked them myself”After 10 years as head chef on luxury yachts, Keren Gasiglia has launched her own boutique bakery with true passion and skill for healthy baking. All products are made with the finest organic ingredients, based on extra-virgin olive oil, dairy free, mostly gluten free flours and lots of love.As a young mother, she wanted the best for her child. Choose nothing but the best for YOURS.”
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